What information is required to show that two right triangles are congruent?


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  1. The Hypotenuse Leg Theorem is a good way to prove that two right angles are congruent. The theorem says that any two right triangles that have a congruent hypotenuse and a corresponding, congruent leg are congruent triangles.

  2. You can use the different theorems for triangles. In the flip chart we did earlier in the year, most of those can be used. I also agree with KTA22.

  3. You can use the angle, side, side theorem which is also called the hypotenuse leg theorem. For this theorem you have to know that 2 sides are congruent along with one angle, you already know the angle that is congruent, because they both will have an angle that equals 90 degrees.

  4. You can use the “Leg-Leg Theorem”, “Leg-Acute Angle Theorem”, “Hypotenuse-Acute Angle Theorem”, and the “Hypotenuse-Leg Postulate”.

  5. I agree with “Raye” that you can use the hypotenuse leg theorem to show that two right angles are congruent.

  6. Because they are right triangles you know that the 90 degree angle is congruent and the ind the 2 sides that are congrunent for the “HL” thereom

  7. you can also use that ASA thereom

  8. you can use the hypotenuse leg theorem to show that two right angles are congruent

  9. You can use the hypontenuse leg thereom. But there a re other ways too. These include examples posted by KTA22, humptydumpty, and Critter.

  10. You can use the Hypotenuse leg theorem or sss or sas or asa.

  11. two corresponding sides…the side angle side theorem!

  12. Be more specific with your answers…

  13. I think you should use the Hypotenuse Leg Theorem. This would be a good one to use for 2 right triangles. It states that if they have congruent hypotenuses, legs, angles then they are congruent.

  14. In two right triangles, we automatically know that there are two congruent angles of 90 degrees. To find your other missing information, I would go with the Hypotenuse Leg Theorem.

  15. for two right angles you would use the hypotenuse leg theorem because it says that if they have congruent hypotenuses, legs, and angles that they are congruent.

  16. You could use the HL theorem. If the hypotenus and one leg of two triangles or congurent the triangle is congurent because its a right triangle and you know that angle will always be the same on a right triangle. This is really the just the same thing as SAS theorem.

  17. There are many diffrent theorems you can use to tell whether two right triangles are congruent or not. Some of these are: The Hypotenuse Leg Theorem, SAS, AAS, SSA, and there are many more. Going by the SSA theorem, you would need to know the two side lengths, and one angle measure.

  18. Well if you already knew the angle you could go with the HL theorem.
    Or you could just use any of the other theorems that were talked about by the other bloggers.

  19. Angle, Angle, Side

  20. My last entry was wrong. It’s Angle, Side, Side

  21. As previously stated by other bloggers, there are other theorems to tell if they are congruent than using HL. There could be many other sides, and angles that are congruent.

  22. Good point KTA22. Incase anyone has forgotten what the HL theorem states, it says that if two triangles have congruent hypotenuse and congruent, corresponding leg then the triangles are congruent.

  23. I agree with the other bloggers that the other theorms can work as well.

  24. i don’t quite know what you mean by be more specific…
    some other things you could do, besides HL theorem, would be

    ASA, if one other angle and the adjoining side were congruent the triangles would be congruent

    SAS, same as HL in this case

    SSS, not really that helpful because you know angle, but either way, if all sides are congruent, the triangles are congruent.

    AAS, if you knew one other angle and the adjacent side, you could prove congruency, kinda the same as ASA.

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